Servicios para Miembros

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Patient Rights & Privacy

Welcome to your Medical Home. All visits to Valley Community Healthcare are private and confidential. This means that your contact information and anything you tell providers is personal and will not be shared with other people, including your family members. If there is a serious health issue, we are required by law to share patient information with a specialist.


We Promise To

  • Make your whole health and wellness our number one goal
  • Treat you with dignity and respect
  • Provide confidential, compassionate care with sensitivity to your cultural needs
  • Assist you with your health plan decisions
  • Support you by offering innovative counseling services and support programs
  • Provide high quality family healthcare under one roof

Información para Pacientes

Nosotros apoyamos a los pacientes para que se responsabilicen y compartan las decisiones sobre su estado de salud, formando una asociación entre el paciente y, el proveedor de atención médica.